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Vancouver is an exciting metropolis that is located in Western Canada. If you plan to travel to Vancouver via an international flight, the most convenient airport to fly into is the Vancouver International Airport. Simply Business Class offers both direct and indirect flights to the Vancouver International Airport and their expert booking agents can help […]


If you travel regularly, you’ve probably experienced it before – that mad dash through the airport to catch a flight you are almost certain you’ll miss. In these moments, as you navigate ticket counters, baggage checkpoints, security gates, and a sea of other travelers (each of which seems to be moving at a pace that […]


Use Visualization Techniques One problem with the gradual exposure technique is that you can’t gradually expose yourself to flying. After all, once you step on an actual plane, you’re obviously committed to the whole flight. Luckily, visualization provides a work-around. The idea is to plonk yourself down somewhere safe (such as at home). Next, you […]


We’re coming up on that time of year again – the holiday travel season. That happy time when, in the mad rush to see loved ones and exchange gifts, we first have to suffer through some of the most nightmarish travel dates on the calendar. And calling it “nightmarish” isn’t much of an exaggeration. The […]

New York Times Square

New York is one of the most unique cities in the world. Attracting international travelers from every country across the globe, tourism is always booming. If you are headed to New York on business, make sure to take the time to experience the New York lifestyle and have a bit of fun immersing yourself in […]