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If you are frequently traveling for business, there is no better way to purchase your business class airfare than through The premier business class airfare provider offers up to 70% off tickets from all of the leading airline carriers. Stop paying more when you can pay less. Head to to find out more! […]

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Ready to start saving on all of your airfare purchases? The good news is, it’s easier than ever to save big on first class and business class airfare. How? By going to you can find incredible deals that are up to 70% off the original price. Call 1.800.359.5949 to speak to one of their […]

SBC Specializes in Business and First Class International Airfare and can help you save 30% to 75% Off your next trip! Airline travel can be a maddening, time consuming process, and takes the stress out of finding and booking affordable Business Class and First Class airfare. Their secret weapon – unrivaled customer service. In […]

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South Korea has seen rapid growth over the past few decades. Now considered a prominent business hub, business professional flock to Seoul and the surrounding cities to negotiate deals. If you are traveling to South Korea on business, Simply Business Class has the best first class flights that are up to 70% off! It’s not […]

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When it comes to airline preferences, no one is better at helping customers find business class airfare that meets their specific needs than Simply Business Class. With first class tickets that are up to 70% off the original price, booking your next business class flight through is the only way to go! American Airlines […]


When you have basic health snafus pop up while traveling, it can put a real damper on your trip. It’s never fun to find yourself injured or sick, but these kinds of issues can be especially troublesome while you’re on the road because you’re not in your usual comfort zone. You might not have easy […]


Flying first class or business class to Switzerland just became a lot more affordable! Simply Business Class is now offering roundtrip first class or business class airfare at up to 70% off! There’s no reason to fly coach when you can fly first class for almost the same price! Head to to find affordable, […]

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If you are flying internationally to Amsterdam, you will land in the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located about nine miles outside of downtown Amsterdam. It is quite simple to find international flights to Amsterdam, considering that the airport is known as one of the world’s busiest airports. If you only plan to […]


As you may or may not know, Thanksgiving brings the United States’ busiest travel week of the year, with roughly 25 million people flying between November 21st and December 2nd. That being the case, it isn’t difficult to predict the result – long lines, random delays, and frustrated travelers. If you’re caught up in the […]


There’s nothing like finding air fare to Zurich at an affordable price. Simply Business Class can get you to Zurich, Switzerland for up to 70% off and no, you won’t be flying in coach. Simply Business Class is able to secure the very best deals for first class luxury air fare! Offering amazing discounts to […]