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Several months ago we went over a few of the most recent changes to the travel industry, and now that we’re entering the new year, it’s time to take a look around and see what other exciting trends are emerging for 2016. Bleisure travel gets big. More and more people are finding ways of going […]


  Brussels Airport, also known as Zaventem or Brussels National, operates flights from all over the world. Major carriers frequently land in Brussels and for those who plan to conduct business in Belgium, Brussels Airport is more than likely your best choice. If you only plan to remain in Brussels for the day before setting […]

Dallas Skyline

Dallas may not seem like a major business hub, but it is. This beautiful city is also one of the largest hubs for banking, high-tech, oil, and commercial real estate in the United States. Simply Business Class can get you to Dallas at a fraction of the price and help you arrange transportation and hotel […]

International flights to Beijing arrive via the Beijing Capital International Airport. The airport is about 20 miles outside of the city, so you will need to find transportation to get to downtown Beijing. If you already know where you are going to be staying once you reach Beijing, keep the name (written in Chinese) in […]


The Manchester International Airport is the main airport servicing Manchester, England. Once you’ve arrived and gotten settled in, you can begin to explore the city. When in Manchester, go to Chinatown. You didn’t expect that one, did you? Manchester’s Chinatown is a unique little area of the city and the perfect place for Chinese food […]


The Adelaide International Airport is only about four miles outside of downtown Adelaide. With only one terminal for international flights, you will find Adelaide’s airport is quite simple to navigate. One great benefit of flying into Adelaide is that the airport offers complimentary Wi-Fi services. Once you arrive, you can either use public transportation, or […]

Frankfurt is a cultural oasis amid a booming business economy. As the fifth most populated city within Germany, the Frankfurt airport is extremely busy. Frankfurt is also home to a giant train station that is the meeting point for those traveling between Eastern and Western Europe. Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe and Frankfurt […]


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is home to over seven million people. Like other countries in Asia, Bangkok has experienced significant economic growth over the past few decades and is now a frequent destination for both tourist and business professionals. If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, Simply Business Class’ booking agents […]

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - AUGUST 25: unidentified people in open cafes of the famous Nyhavn promenade on August 25, 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nyhavn is one of the most famous landmark of Copenhagen.

The best time to visit Copenhagen, Denmark is from May until August. During the winter and sometimes into the spring months, the days can be unbearably cold. During the summer, the temperature warms up and people enjoy spending the sunny days outdoors. Copenhagen is a great place for those who love art. Wander into the […]