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Panoramic view on the Old City of Stocholm, classical skyline; GPS information is in the file

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Thailand is known for its incredible beaches. As an emerging economic country, there are countless business opportunities that continue to grow in the country’s major cities. If you are interested in flying to Thailand for business, Simply Business Class offers fares to all of Thailand’s international airports. With cheap business class flights that are up […]


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Tv screens on the airplane. Photo is in my portfolio and message was added.

Recently we did a post on the best travel songs, so now it’s time to take this theme visual and discuss a few of the best travel movies. To start with a disclaimer, the title might be a bit misleading. It’s difficult to say these are the most inspirational travel movies as there are a […]


Beating your fear of flying is tough and frustratingly slow. To succeed, you need courage and the ability to handle a roller-coaster ride of success and failure. That’s why a determination to win is a must. But how do you get that determination? Step 1: Build the Right Mindset The trick is to view the process […]


Most travelers will never experience it, but depending on where you go, you might end up in the position of having to bribe someone—usually police or some form of border authority. Some countries, such as Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, are notorious for it. Probably the most common incident involves a tourist being pulled over for […]


When you’re traveling domestically, you can usually count on things being more or less predictable wherever you go. Sure, the accents and scenery change, but the way day to day life works is fairly comparable everywhere, and if something is different you can simply ask about it. If you’re traveling abroad, however, figuring out the […]

A businesswoman listening to music on a flight

Sometimes life is better with a soundtrack, and that might be truest while traveling. The right song can transform a traveling experience, from lending a heightened emotion to leaving a place behind, to inspiring the spirit of the road, to setting the tone for a new destination. Here are a few of the best travel […]