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If traveling alone poses a series of challenges, traveling with children makes it an entirely new problem altogether. Because let’s face it – kids often have difficulties when it comes to travel, and they can also make it difficult for their fellow travelers. Kids get bored, noisy, lost, scared, distracted, confused, and whinny. They slow […]


Thai Airways is one of the main airline carriers in Thailand. With headquarters in Bangkok, the airline’s main hub is the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thai Airways also owns part of Nok Air and fully owns Thai Smile, which is a small, regional airline. Thai Airways flies to North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Thai Airways offers […]


Nothing can put an instant cramp on your travels like having something go wrong with your money. I know about this all too well. Once I was staying in Paris when a bank error resulted in the permanent deactivation of my debit card (it’s a long story), and there is nothing that will induce panic […]

BC seating

Business Class seats can be categorized by one of the following descriptions: Recliner Seats: These seats do not offer the significant recline of the Lie-flat and Flat Bed Seats, but still offer excellent space and comfort. Angle Lie-Flat Seats: While airlines often market these seats as having 180 degrees of recline, in their fully reclined position they are […]


The average flight from the U.S. to Beijing is around 13 hours, and depending on where you are located, the flight time is likely to be even longer.  Don’t worry – just because Simply Business Class offers cheap business class tickets, doesn’t mean that the flight is any less luxurious than if you’d paid full […]


Barcelona is hands down one of the best cities in Europe. The city is beautiful and more importantly the people are extremely friendly and helpful.  After your work meetings, we recommend walking down Plaza Catalonia, admiring the shows on Las Ramblas, or heading to a Football Club Barcelona game.  One thing is for sure, when […]


International flights to Indonesia arrive via three airports; Bhurah Rai, located near Denpasar, Bali; Soekarno-Hatta, located near Tangerang, Banten (close to Jakarta); and Juanda, located near Surabaya, EastJava. Simply Business Class offers both direct and indirect flights to each of these airports. Often, having a layover in other Asian cities such as Taipei, Singapore, or […]


If you flew regularly before September 11th, 2001, you probably remember that going through airport security used to be a relatively quick, hassle-free endeavor. Those days are long gone, unfortunately, and passing through the security gate of today involves an all-too-familiar rigmarole of long lines, invasive body scans and pat-downs by grabby TSA employees, the […]


When it comes to flying, there may be nothing more maddening than dealing with checked baggage. First of all, there’s the added expense, especially as airlines are increasingly struggling to squeeze every penny out of their passengers. And while $25 to $50 per bag might not seem all that bad, if you’re a regular traveler, […]


The news is rife with examples of, to put it lightly, things going wrong all around the globe. From natural disasters to accidents to violence from terrorism and other unforeseeable horrors, there’s simply no way to predict when and where an emergency situation might crop up. But that’s no reason to avoid leaving home. Billions […]