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Barcelona is hands down one of the best cities in Europe. The city is beautiful and more importantly the people are extremely friendly and helpful.  After your work meetings, we recommend walking down Plaza Catalonia, admiring the shows on Las Ramblas, or heading to a Football Club Barcelona game.  One thing is for sure, when […]


Tel Aviv is a city filled with excitement. Whether you are an aspiring tech entrepreneur or someone who just likes to party, Tel Aviv offers all types of lifestyles. Tel Aviv is the epicenter for business in the Middle East and a fantastic place to travel to. Additionally, Israel is renowned as one of the […]


Traveling to Seoul is fairly easy, considering that it is a major metropolitan city in Asia. After the war between North and South Korea, Seoul emerged as a powerhouse for economic prosperity. Now, thousands of Americans travel to Seoul every day to conduct business. The trip to Seoul can be fairly long, making it essential […]


Getting to Tokyo is fairly simple considering that Tokyo is a major metropolitan city for conducting business. Travelers to Tokyo can choose from two airports, Haneda or Narita. Narita is the airport that you will most likely use when you fly first class to Tokyo for business, because it is the city’s hub for all […]


International travelers can reach Montreal via a few different airports. You can fly into the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport, located between twenty minutes to an hour outside of the city, depending upon the traffic. You can hire a taxi to take you to your hotel for a fixed price. Fixed price fares differ depending on […]


London has a staggering five airports that service the city. Heathrow Airport is located about twenty miles outside of downtown London. You can use the subway to travel from the airport to the center of the city. You can also use the Heathrow Connect to get from Heathrow to west London. If you prefer to […]


Perhaps best known for the Eiffel Tower, Paris is one business and leisure destination that every traveler loves. Shop the magnificent Champs Elysees or head to the top of the Eiffel Tower for a panoramic view of the city. Wherever you go in Paris, you are sure to find a bustling city with a romantic […]

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Are you headed to Hong Kong on business or leisure and want to find a great deal on first class air fare? As any savvy traveler knows, there is no reason to pay full price when you can get it for less. That is why works with airlines to find unbeatable prices on business […]