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If traveling alone poses a series of challenges, traveling with children makes it an entirely new problem altogether. Because let’s face it – kids often have difficulties when it comes to travel, and they can also make it difficult for their fellow travelers. Kids get bored, noisy, lost, scared, distracted, confused, and whinny. They slow […]


Nothing can put an instant cramp on your travels like having something go wrong with your money. I know about this all too well. Once I was staying in Paris when a bank error resulted in the permanent deactivation of my debit card (it’s a long story), and there is nothing that will induce panic […]


The news is rife with examples of, to put it lightly, things going wrong all around the globe. From natural disasters to accidents to violence from terrorism and other unforeseeable horrors, there’s simply no way to predict when and where an emergency situation might crop up. But that’s no reason to avoid leaving home. Billions […]


Anyone who’s ever traveled overseas or hopped a few time zones knows that jet lag is a real drag. Jet lag affects most travelers, and includes symptoms like sleepiness during the day, insomnia at night, poor concentration, irritability, headaches, and hunger at off hours. As a general rule of thumb, for each hour of time […]

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Stay Hydrated Traveling is tiring no matter how well in advance you plan. Making sure you drink enough water will make you feel more awake and help prevent you from getting sick. If you know you have to get a big project done, pack yourself a meal and some snacks that you know will keep […]

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If you fly often enough, you’re bound to come up against some rude and even flat out hostile flight attendants. As with any service interaction, you’re going to encounter people who do their jobs poorly and those who do it well. The major difference between dealing with a rude employee at a restaurant or hotel, […]

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