Barcelona is hands down one of the best cities in Europe. The city is beautiful and more importantly the people are extremely friendly and helpful.  After your work meetings, we recommend walking down Plaza Catalonia, admiring the shows on Las Ramblas, or heading to a Football Club Barcelona game.  One thing is for sure, when in Barcelona, you will always find something to do!

Traveling to Barcelona is easy. There are hundreds of direct and indirect flight options to choose from. Once you arrive, you can find plenty of tourist information centers that can help you anytime that you find yourself lost in the city. As a main hub for tourists, it is unlikely that you will ever find yourself somewhere where people do not speak English. One thing to keep in mind; Catalan is the main language spoken in Barcelona, although everyone can speak Spanish as well.

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USA 1.855.359.5949 | AU 1.800.133.997 | SG 65.3159.0521 | HK 852.5803.2872 | NZ 64.9801.1238 | UK 44.20.3519.1126

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