Do you have an upcoming business trip in Vienna, Austria? If so, booking your next first class flight through Simply Business Class is the only way for are a savvy business professional like yourself to purchase business airfare. With incredible discounts that are up to 70% off business class airfare, offers the absolute lowest fares on luxury flights!

Music lovers will instantly become entranced by the mesmerizing city of Vienna, Austria. If you are traveling to Vienna for business, you will most likely arrive at the Vienna International Airport. Simply Business Class offers both direct and indirect first class flights to Vienna. Our booking agents can work with you to find a fare that meets all of your individual needs. Once you arrive at the airport, you can take the subway / train, known as the S-Bahn, take a bus, a taxi, or choose to take a shuttle to your hotel. Depending on where you decide to stay while you are in Vienna, many luxury hotels offer shuttles from the airport to the hotel. Check with your particular hotel to find out if they currently offer a shuttle.

While you are in Vienna, one thing is certain, visiting museums and going on musical excursions are a must. Purchase tickets to the Vienna Hofburg Orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic, or attend one of the countless other world-renowned performances that take place in Vienna.  Vienna is also a great home base city, because there are many fascinating one-day excursions that you can take. Ask your concierge to recommend local tours that travel to nearby cities.

Don’t pay more for airfare to Vienna when you can pay less. Use Simply Business Class booking to find the most affordable cheap luxury travel that will get you to Vienna in comfort and style. Go to or CALL NOW to book your cheap first class ticket to Vienna:

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