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Stay Hydrated Traveling is tiring no matter how well in advance you plan. Making sure you drink enough water will make you feel more awake and help prevent you from getting sick. If you know you have to get a big project done, pack yourself a meal and some snacks that you know will keep […]


Ireland is officially named, The Republic of Ireland, although it is better known as Ireland. International flights arrive via four international airports, the Shannon International Airport, located in Shannon; the Dublin International Airport, located in Dublin; the Cork International Airport, located in Cork; and the Ireland West Knock International Airport, located in County Mayo. If […]


Tel Aviv is a city filled with excitement. Whether you are an aspiring tech entrepreneur or someone who just likes to party, Tel Aviv offers all types of lifestyles. Tel Aviv is the epicenter for business in the Middle East and a fantastic place to travel to. Additionally, Israel is renowned as one of the […]

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If you fly often enough, you’re bound to come up against some rude and even flat out hostile flight attendants. As with any service interaction, you’re going to encounter people who do their jobs poorly and those who do it well. The major difference between dealing with a rude employee at a restaurant or hotel, […]


Traveling to Seoul is fairly easy, considering that it is a major metropolitan city in Asia. After the war between North and South Korea, Seoul emerged as a powerhouse for economic prosperity. Now, thousands of Americans travel to Seoul every day to conduct business. The trip to Seoul can be fairly long, making it essential […]


Getting to Tokyo is fairly simple considering that Tokyo is a major metropolitan city for conducting business. Travelers to Tokyo can choose from two airports, Haneda or Narita. Narita is the airport that you will most likely use when you fly first class to Tokyo for business, because it is the city’s hub for all […]


International travelers can reach Montreal via a few different airports. You can fly into the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport, located between twenty minutes to an hour outside of the city, depending upon the traffic. You can hire a taxi to take you to your hotel for a fixed price. Fixed price fares differ depending on […]


The Czech Republic has an interesting past, filled with Communist resistance and a thriving economy. Once known as Czechoslovakia, the Czechs and Slavs have now separated into two distinct countries. After the fall of Communism, the Czech Republic experienced temporary stagnation, but has since grown to become a quickly evolving business economy. Perhaps best known […]

The San Francisco International airport or SFO at dusk

First Class Lounges #1 – United Global First Lounge The United Global First Lounge at San Francisco Airport is still widely considered as one United’s best facilities system wide. The Asian inspired décor features artwork reflecting the destinations served by United from San Francisco. The buffet offers a selection of snacks, appetizers, finger sandwiches, salads, cold entrees, and […]


United Airlines has headquarters in Chicago and its main hub is the O’Hare International Airport. United Airlines flies to more than 165 countries that are located in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia. United offers several options for passengers to choose from. On international flights, you can fly United Global First Suite, […]